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Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning:
Janitorial Services
Window Cleaning
Pressure Washing
Paver Sealing

Nightly Maintenance
Office Cleaning
Building Maintenance

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Construction Cleaning Services

Construction Cleaning Services

Construction Cleaning:
Rough Cleaning
Final Cleaning
Model Cleaning
Exterior Clean Up
Pressure Washing
One Call Cleans It All



House Cleaning
Window Cleaning
Pressure Washing
Roof Cleaning
Paver Sealing
Home Watching

Residential • Construction  • Commercial

Window Cleaning • House Cleaning • Pressure Washing • Paver Sealing • Home Watching

Full-service. Well-staffed. Interior & Exterior Cleaning services

One Call Does It All.

Professional • Prompt • Polished • Polite

Dirt doesn´t hide from us.

We know what to look for. 

From Dust and Dirt left in Window Frames, Inside Cabinets and in the Cracks of Hardwood Floor.

Window Washing - Pressure Washing - Regular Clean Ups.

Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing

Get the dirt, grime and spider webs off your roof, house, driveway, windows etc.

Our Trained Cleaning Professionals will Clean Your House Inside and Out.

Daily cleaning, weekly cleaning, or monthly cleaning:  set up a schedule through us to maintain your houses beauty and cleanliness.

Commercial & Construction Cleaning

We’ve been handling clean up duties for Construction Crews at Residential and Commercial Properties since 1994. 

Home Watching

Since 1994 we have been trusted for a variety of services, including Home Watching.  We follow the orders you prepare, every time we check up on your property.  Set up a schedule through us, weekly or monthly, to watch your home while you are away.

Concrete, Pavers & Natural Stone Sealing

We can enhance the beauty of your concrete pavers & natural stone products. As well as reduce mold and mildew growth on roofs, patios, pool decks, walls, foundations.  We use Deco products, which are water-based & non-hazardous.  Ask us for a free estimate. We got you covered from start to finish.

Window Cleaning • Pressure Washing • Roof Cleaning • Paver Sealing • Home Watching

Residential Cleaning • Construction Cleaning • Commercial Cleaning

New View Cleaning Services, Inc., a Professional Property Maintenance Company, serving Southwest Florida, since 1994.

We are Insured, Bonded, Licensed and have Excellent References. We take pride in our customer service

We offer a Wide Range of Services for Your Home or Business in Southwest Florida.


Jose Balanos

Jose Balanos

Jose  has been an essential part of our pressure washing / window division for nearly 10 years. He manages techs in the field, supervises all of our large pressure washing projects, maintains equipment and provides excellent customer service to our clients.

Julie Reed, MBA

Julie Reed, MBA

CEO & Owner

Julie joined New View Cleaning Services in  2001.  Her extensive background in business and project management opened up more opportunities and provided the company with resources to expand further and become one of the preferred construction cleaning service provider for many of the builders in the Tampa – Naples service area.

  Get in Touch:  Call  (941) 955-4060

New View Cleaning Services, Inc., a Professional Property Maintenance Company, serving Southwest Florida, since 1994.

We are Insured, Bonded, Licensed and have Excellent References.  Our work standard is what makes us the first choice.

We offer a Wide Range of Cleaning Services for Your Home or Business in Southwest Florida.

Elaine Pope

Elaine Pope

Office Manager

Elaine has been with us since April 2016 and knows the ins and outs of our business.  She is fluent in English & Spanish.


Get in Touch: Call (941) 955-4060

New View Cleaning Services, Inc., a Professional Property Maintenance Company, serving Southwest Florida, since 1994.

We are Insured, Bonded, Licensed and have Excellent References. We take pride in our customer service.

We offer a Wide Range of Services for Your Home or Business in Southwest Florida.

Sue Montegari

Sue Montegari

Accounts Receivables

Sue is responsible for  Accounts receivables, Billings & payments.

She has been with New View Cleaning Services since in 2014.

Sarah Vance

Sarah Vance

Office Assistant | Customer Service

Sarah is the newest addition to our team. She handles payroll and customer follow-up

Mariana Al Abbas

Mariana Al Abbas

Office Assistant |

Get in Touch:  Call  (941) 955-4060

New View Cleaning Services, Inc., a Professional Property Maintenance Company, serving Southwest Florida, since 1994.

We are Insured, Bonded, Licensed and have Excellent References. We take pride in our customer service.

We offer a Wide Range of Services for Your Home or Business in Southwest Florida.

Michelle Florian

Michelle Florian

Ft. Myers Division Field Manager

Michelle is our Ft. Myers Division Field Manager with over 20 years experience in customer service and in the cleaning industry. She became part of the New View family in 2008. Duties include supervising teams in the field, quality assurance checks and serves as the direct line of communication with clients in the area to the office.


Thank you for your firm’s demonstrated honesty and integrity. In this matter, I can say without reservation that the next time my home is in need of any of the services your company offers you will be one of the companies I contact.   It is very refreshing to know that there still are companies, such as yours,  who take pride in having and maintaining a reputation for being fair and treating the public with respect and dignity!


Sarasota, June 2020


Wanted to let you know how pleased I am with New View Cleaning Services.  Specifically your employee, Dee.  He came out Wednesday and just did a fantastic job. Further, he was very personable and professional.


Sarasota, Dec 2, 2019

Rich W


I want to thank you and the group for your work during the recent event.  while we never needed your services it was good to know you were on top of everything and ready to go IF NEEDED
Job well done!

John O, Sarasota, September 8, 2019

John O

H. and I arrived at our condo today and everything looked great!! I loved the little finishing touches in the bathrooms! It was wonderful to walk into our condo seeing it so nice and clean. We never made it back last Spring after our renters left so this was the first time I had actually seen your ‘work’. Very happy indeed!

Thanks again,  Sue

October 2018



They [New View Cleaning Services]  were very conscientious and happily complied with any help I asked of them during the job.

Sarasota, FL


Project: One Time Interior House Cleaning


Vera C.

M. was thorough and meticulous in cleaning and ensuring that everything was replaced in its proper location. She would be welcome back as my first choice of house cleaner at any time. Julie, the service owner, was very responsive and flexible in scheduling around my wife’s doctor appointments. Definitely will use them again.

Bradenton, FL


Richard W.

I am enclosing payment for the window washing at my house on June 14.  I am including a tip for him; he did a superb job and I wanted to thank him this way for the work. Thank you all – you have always given me great service, great people and jobs done perfectly.


June 2018

Window Washing

Donna J

X was wonderful. Very professional and polite. Great job! Thank you!


Sarasota, May 2018

Barbara M

X did excellent work! We are very pleased with your service and will be calling you again.

Sarasota, May 2018


Anne G

We would like to get it done -let’s move ahead. Thanks for all of your hard work
during a very stressful time. You are a real pro!

September, 2017


Paul H.

We recently used New View to power wash our lanai and the windows in the lanai. They did a fantastic job. I couldn’t be more happy with their work. I will definitely utilize their services again.

August 2017


Scotty M

Been using them for a year since we closed on new home…they effectively remove all spider webs/nests…they even somehow get the hornets nests 15 feet up, all without stripping off the paint…renewing for another year. Worth the money!


June 2017

William K

Just got to the house late last night, gave a walkaround this morning.  Your guy did a fantastic job all around, especially in the entry foyer with the 15 foot ceilings where the hornets make their mud nests.  In the past, your guys got the mud packs off, but there was always this dull mark, and I had to put a paint brush on a pole to get up there and touch up the spots (not that I minded).  Anyway, your guy got the mud off, PLUS the marks.  I’d swear he painted over them if I didn’t know better.

Another satisfied customer.

We need to set up another one-year service deal for the next 12 months…I may want to add windows depending on price…

June 2017

Pressure Washing

Bill K

New View is the only roof cleaning company that my roofer will recommend. Anyone can say they can pressure wash your roof, but that doesn’t mean they know the correction pressure to use, the right method, the best cleaning solutions, or even how to walk on your roof safely and without damaging tiles or shingles.

May 1, 2017

Angela J

I have been working with New View for a few months now. They provide excellent service and at affordable price. I will continue working with and using them and will recommend them to everyone I know.


March 2017

Andrew L

This is just a short note to express that once again we’re extremely pleased with the quality of the work performed by New View Cleaning Services. The roof, pool cage, deck and windows look brand new and the work was performed with absolutely no disruption to ourselves.

Lakewood Ranch, March 2017

Kevin B

“A” came out to clean my windows this morning and he did a great job, you can send him again next time.

Feb 2017

Inger L

I was very happy with the husband wife team. Very had workers and very nice. Will be very comfortable with them coming when I am not here. They are so appreciative for how much New View have done for them. Happy and appreciative employees say a lot about the owners. Have passe the information about your services to some others in the building. Have used you for window cleaning but not for condo cleaning before. Appreciate your first class services and nice employees.

April 14, 2015

Barb V

We really appreciate everything that New View continuous to do for us. Thank you for being one of our best trade partners and always striving to do better. Thanks again!

Jody S

I just wanted to share with everybody, that I found the best Window Cleaning/Pressure Washing company in Sarasota.

The best thing is that the guys who work for him are extremely professional, polite and they ask you to check the work to see if you are happy before leaving!


Sophie, C

House looked GREAT!!! They did a fantastic job in such a short amount of time.

Nov 06, 2012

Jason F

L and  V are doing a great job!

Mar 05, 2013

Dave C.

R did a great job on windows….thank you!  K did a great job on the house… thank you!

We referred you to seven more residential clients and one commercial client.

Mar 05, 2013

Nan S

The floors look wonderful! We will see  your crews tomorrow and Thursday.

Dec 17, 2013

Teal F

Your guys did a great job!

May 2, 2013

Willie C

Thank you so much for yesterday. M and his coworker were wonderful.

Jan 17, 2014

Stacy M

GREAT JOB! You have very nice young men working for you.  Thank you.

Dec 7, 2013

Martha K

It is a reassuring to know I have your organization to help with this house and certainly appreciate the organized manner of your business and the efficient communication. Being one of your clients has relieved much of my worry about this house.

May 25, 2014

Christine D.

Thank you and just to let you know they did a really nice job! Thanks again for prompt service.

June 09, 2014

Mike S

I wanted to let you know what a great job J and D did on Friday. They were thorough, polite and professional. It´s the cleanest the house has looked in a long time.  Thanks,

Nancy D

Nov 25, 2013

Nancy D

I cannot tell you how amazing our house looks and smells after the wonderful work of your power washing team. I told them they really worked magic! I am so happy I found you all and know I will use you in the future. They were both so nice and friendly and came with big smiles on their faces.

Dec 06, 2013

Blair W.


Window Cleaning in Sarasota Your clean home is our business! When your windows sparkle, your house sparkle. Our shoes come off at your front door. We´ve been cleaning spaces and making happy faces since 1994. Call us for a FREE window cleaning estimate: 941 955 4060. One ...
Come home to a clean house. It’s your choice. Dirt does not hide from us. We know what to look for. From dust and dirt left in window frames, inside cabinets and in the cracks of hardwood floor. Our trained cleaning professionals will clean your house inside and out. Call...
One Call Does It All! As a well-staffed company with the capacity to handle large accounts, high volume projects as well as smaller jobs, we pride ourselves in our work standard and our excellent customer service. Professional. Prompt. Polished. Polite. We don´t cut corne...

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